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Terms of Use

                                                 Please read these Terms & Conditions before making reservation.


One way service from hotels, offices, homes, convention venues, restaurants, wedding etc and not from airport will be given 15 minutes grace from the pickup time. If the driver is delayed after the 10 minutes grace, there will be extra charge for the delay. $1 per minute for Sedan TownCar, $2 per minute for SUV, $3 per minute for Limousine, Van and Bus.


If no show, you will be charged 100% of the amount for the trip. If you cancel your reservation with us 24hrs before the pickup time, you will be charged 100% of the amount for the trip even if you made the reservation within 24hrs to pickup time. If you cancel your reservation 72hrs or less before pickup time. you will be refunded any amount paid minus cancellation fee ($30.00). All deposits are non refundable.


If your pickup is at the airport, please do not leave the airport without calling the office if you do not see your driver. If you leave without calling that will be no show and you will be charged 100% of the amount. If your driver is delayed for 1 hour or more after landing, you will be charged extra.


Hourly service with 3hrs or 4hrs minimum, if you are 16 minutes into another hour by the end of the agreed service time, you will be charged an extra hour rate.


While on transition, if you make stops, you will be charged extra depending on what type of stops, minimum is $10.


If you break, mess, trash the vehicle, you will be charged & the minimum amount is $150.00.


If we receive wrong pickup information from you or your representative(s) that takes the driver to a wrong location or wrong pickup time and the driver is not able to pick you or your passenger up, you will be charged 100% of the amount for the trip.


If you pay with credit card over the phone, kindly fax us a copy of your Credit/Debit Card and driver license before the pickup day.


If you leave your stuff in the vehicle after the service has been rendered, you will be charged if our driver will bring your stuff to you or you come to our corporate office to collect your stuff.


Goodness Limousine & Transportation Services shall not be responsible for delays or service not rendered due to circumstances beyond it's control including but not limited to bad weather, road conditions and vehicle breakdowns.

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